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City Of Paramaribo with Suriname river (right) and Commewijne River (left) Atlantic Ocean(front)

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Wi Egi Prisiri (70's winning march based on traditional music)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sonora Paramarera _Best Of Vol 2

I've been asked to post complete albums and/or cd's.
I will try to do so in the future if and when I have the time to rip them.
Have Fun with this one

Vol 2 CD Sonora Paramarera


Marcel said...

thank you for this nice album hope whe see soon some more great albums the whole family like the albums you posted the songs from suriname they love real much some songs they hear since a long time ago.

Cas said...

Bedankt !

Thanks! again for this Beautiful Surinam music ,love your blog !

Anonymous said...


I accidently arrived on this blog. Great music.
I have a question.

I am looking for music from the Surinam Showband (Moengo Boys) they go back to the early 50s. A group of Surinamese people (including my father as a singer) who performed atr Soestdijk on Bernhards' birthday, Nijenrode University and the concertgebouw. I have nothing left except a few black/white photos. Could you, anyone get met some more information?

Thanks a lot.


Dlomen said...


Anonymous said...

hoe moet je naar de muziek luisteren? het lukt mij niet

Ben The Balladeer said...

Eerst via de link downloaden.
Dan unzippen met Winzip of 7-Zip (beiden gratis).
En dan clicken of dubbel clicken op een van de songs die zijn unzipped.
Ik neem aan dat je computer een mediaplayer heeft en je hoort de songs

Ben The Balladeer said...

Hi Yvonne,
Sorry for my late reply
but I could not find any info on the group
will keep searching
it would help if you had, names of group members and titles of songs, maybe a record label if they released any records.
A picture of the group(a scan of it) would help to.

Markun taideblogi said...

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maba said...


mugi-mugi angsal pitulungan...


wawan purwanto sirait said...

Please visit

DJeff said...

Heb je ook La Sonora Paramarera con Lord Bamboo?

PRACTIC said...

Great pictures, great story, great work in here, GREAT BLOG ! CONGRATULATIONS for what you're doing, with all my respect Robert from Romania !!!

Mia Mossberg78 said...

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Chester said...

This is great!