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City Of Paramaribo with Suriname river (right) and Commewijne River (left) Atlantic Ocean(front)

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Wi Egi Prisiri (70's winning march based on traditional music)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sonora Paramarera - Teki Wan Gon

This group from the late 60's is still going strong, although the members have been changing constantly the last 10 to 15 years.
Paramarera consisted mostly of Suriname musicians mixed with those from the Dutch Antilles, Holland and some other South American countries.

They mainly play/played Kaseko, which is a Suriname dance rhythm, but other Caribbean styles where/are also among their repertoire like reggae, salsa and calypso.
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The song is a traditional, rearranged by on of the group members. The story is about 2 people having a quarrel, one is very angry with the other who says "Well If You're Angry With Me Then Take A Gun And Shoot Me"
This comment was, and to some extend still is, being used in Suriname to stop a debate or argument about something that was/is going nowhere.

Kaseko is a very joyful rhythm just listen and feel how it brightens your day.

KASEKO song by Sonora Paramarera