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City Of Paramaribo with Suriname river (right) and Commewijne River (left) Atlantic Ocean(front)

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Wi Egi Prisiri (70's winning march based on traditional music)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Skratie Pokoe by The Stan Lokhin Band

Front Cover of Album

As I said in my earlier post about "The Wash Board Orchestra" many of the members joined different groups when they broke up.
O.Seymanson (the other lead singer) and Carlo Brandon ( the sax player) joined this group.
When Spider Vox broke up, most members started there own or a joined groups.

Rear Cover with Picture of Stan Lokhin

In the song "Kowroe E Moro Mi" the lead complains about the cold in Holland having just arrived you can imagine, having spend your life in the tropics and now getting beaten by the cold. A "hot" topic among newcomers.
I can speak from experience.

The music style is a Skratie variation ( because of the so called "skratie drum" being so prominent).
O.Seymanson is the lead on this song.

Spider Vox (The Stan Lokhlin Band) - Kowroe E Moro Mi