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City Of Paramaribo with Suriname river (right) and Commewijne River (left) Atlantic Ocean(front)

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Wi Egi Prisiri (70's winning march based on traditional music)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Indo Pop from Suriname

As I said in one of my first posts, the people living in Suriname came from all over the Globe.

Today I'll spotlight those who's ancestors came from Indonesia almost 120 years ago.

During my teenage years we lived near a restaurant that played Gamelan-Music for the whole evening, 7 days a week, until 12 o'clock.
While the band was playing a Djaran Kepang group was performing, mostly during the weekends.

Here are 2 popular songs from Suriname.

Last 2 Video's TAKEN FROM

Songs can be purchased on above site

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