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City Of Paramaribo with Suriname river (right) and Commewijne River (left) Atlantic Ocean(front)

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Wi Egi Prisiri (70's winning march based on traditional music)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Naks Kaseko Loko~Un Ne Prati (We'll Never Part) CD

A younger/later composition of the group I have already posted a song of.
You can hear that the music has evolved.
The traditional instruments are now joined by some modern ones.
But basically the music is the same.

Earlier Post Of The Original Nask Group

the file compression is a 7zip format, the application is freely available just Google for 7zip

Naks Kaseko Loko CD


Anonymous said...

Thanks, this music is very difficult to get outside of Holland and Surinam. I have their live CD and have been trying to purchase Norma Sante's (a young female singer with Naks) new record. However, her manager doesn't seem to be too aggressive in trying to promote her music outside of the usual spheres. I've experienced this before from other Surinamese groups.

Maikel said...

TRU TRU MI NO SABI DAT' MI FEYANTI KISI SYEN! ;) Mi lob' a singi disi!