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Wi Egi Prisiri (70's winning march based on traditional music)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Big Jones & His Kawina Band - Bosoe Bana

The songs on this dutch Philips EP are from the soundtrack of the film/documentary "Suriname" done by Herman van der Horst released in 1960 in the Netherlands.
H.van der Horst won the Golden Bear for the best documentary.

Four songs by Big Jones & his Kawina Band where among the soundtrack of this documentary.
Todays songs is called "Bosoe Bana" which is a bunch of bananas and is about a man who is trying to sell these bananas

The song is from the late 50's (probably 1959) and was a huge hit back in Suriname. I remember during my childhood days (during the late 60's) that the song was still frequently played on local radio stations.

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Anonymous said...


Rutger said...

This was the 1st record I owned as a 4 year old kid in Suriname. My parents got me and my brother the simplest of record players, a plastic sony with buitlt in little speaker. I must have played this thousands of times. After 40 years I could still remember almost all the words (and I do not speak Sranang Tongo) so I have no idea what he;'s singing about!

Wonderful stuff. I own 2 copies of the EP, quality not too good, but I no longer have a record player. Been looking fot this online for years. Finally now been able to download 1 of the 4 songs. Anyone have any ideas where to get the other 3 songs?

Ben The Balladeer said...

contact me by email,need your email to send you the other mp3's

Anonymous said...

Ha Ben,
Zond je zoëven een mail over big jones.

dailyleftover said...
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dailyleftover said...

hi there, was strollin' the net as i have a selection of these Song & sound 7". But my surinam cat# 427032 NE has no sleeve and label only says Surinam on both sides. It seems not the same but music has simaliar sound.
it is not in such a good state but one track you can listen in "world is Flat" at 28:35min. And while your there dwl the "Bigi Pokoe [music of Surinam]" you probably going to like.
>click name for link to blog as direct link seems not to work, enjoy